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Recommended Product

Atomic Force Microscope : Park Systems

Historically AFMs have proven themselves reliable instrument for determining relative sample dimensions but have struggled to provide accurate absolute dimensions of surface features. As the dimensions found in research and industrial applications become smaller and smaller, it is now more important than ever for AFMs to measure the absolute dimensions of surface features with accuracy and repeatability.

For taking nanoscale measurements, the accuracy and reliability of measurements and the flexibility of available modes and options are just as important as resolution.


The SPECS EnviroESCA is  a novel and smart analysis tool, that overcomes the barriers of standard XPS systems by enabling analyses at pressures far above UHV. EnviroESCA is designed for high-throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and the life sciences. It offers the shortest loading-to-measurement time on samples of all types including liquids, tissue, plastics and foils, powders, soil, zeolites, rocks, minerals and ceramics

The new generation of QUANTAX EDS features the XFlash® 6 detector series with active areas from 10 to 100 mm2.

the widest range of integrated automated features useful for the investigation of all material family.

This potentiostat extended EIS to 2 MHz and added temperature monitoring. It is a full-featured potentiostat capable of performing all techniques, including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Arbin has been an innovator in the battery industry for over 25 years. Multi-channel charge / discharge systems, modules, and packs.

3D Profiler
3D profiler is compact and flexible non-contact profilometer. The system can scan a maximum area of 150 mm x 150 mm.
The system software SCAN SUITE combines SCAN CT for individual measurements and data analysis with the automation module ASCAN. Based on the latest programming technologies the system control, data collection and analysis are combined in an operator friendly user interface.
Mini-SEM : ISP
The most popular and affordable SEM that ISP manufactures is the mini – SEM. The size of this scanning electron microscope is relatively small (table-top size). Therefore, it is easy to move it around from one room to another. This device produces accurate scans of the material under observation within 3 minutes.
SEM & TEM Specimen Preparation
Precision ion polishing system for precise centering, control, and reproducibility of your milling process. Polish, etch or coat samples with single pump down.
Broad argon ion beam system designed to polish and coat samples for SEM imaging and analytical techniques.
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