Other Jandel products

Jandel Engineering manufactures products which are made to enhance the probe stands and probe heads already offered on other pages

Jandel Reference Sample

Jandel Engineering offers an indium-tin-oxide (ITO) coated glass sample that can be used as a reference sample to assess whether a four point probing system is working properly.
The sample is not NIST traceable.
The sample is 50mm square with the assigned value applying to the 25mm squre central area of the sample.
These are only supplied in the 12.5 - 13.5 ohms/square range

Jandel PN Typing Unit

Jandel Engineering offers a PN Typing Unit which works using the rectification method
Designed to work in conjunction with any of the Jandel Probe Stands

Jandel Light Shrouds

Jandel Engineering offers a removable plastic light shroud to shield light from samples up to 50mm diameter
Where light needs to be shielded from larger samples we offer a black cloth which prevents light penetrating. The cloth is made from Black velvet with a black cotton lining and can be draped over units while they are in operation to prevent light reaching the sample, and can also double as a dust cover for when the unit is not in use

Jandel Stability Shroud

For holding a probe head by hand Jandel Engineering offers a removable plastic stability shroud
The shroud fits over the end of the probe to give a large contact area so that more stability is offered while holding the probe in contact with a sample

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