Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope (SICM)

Park NX10 SICM Module
The new standard for nanoscale imaging in aqueous environments
Park NX10 SICM provides
nanoscale imaging for a wide range of applications:
Cell Biology
Cell morphology imaging, nano biopsy and injection
Analytical Chemistry
Electrochemical reaction imaging by integration of scanning electrochemical microscopy
Ion channel detection together with patch clamping
High resolution imaging of single neuron integrated with patch clamping
Park SICM Module
The integration of the SICM and Park NX10 AFM system from Park Systems allows researchers to expand the depth of their research and easily perform nanoscale imaging in aqueous environments.


High speed Z-scanner with 15 μm scan range
Driven by a high-force piezoelectric stack and guided by a flexure structure, the standard Z-scanner has a high resonant frequency of more than 9 kHz.

Low noise Z position sensors
The industry leading low noise Z detector enables Park SICM to capture nanometer size feature of sample providing nano-scale precision of sample topography recording. This produces highly accurate sample topography, no edge overshoot and no need for calibration.

Low ionic current noise level of Park internal current amplifier
The internal current amplifier of the Park SICM provides the optimized current signal processing environment for accurately recording pico-ampere current signal of SICM feedback.
No Force, Non-Contact imaging in Liquid
Similar to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) operating in ambient air, the Park SICM operates in liquid without making physical contact with the sample. Electrodes on either side of the sample and pipette produce ionic current that flows through the surrounding solution. A sensor measures the current flow, which decreases as the distance between the pipette and sample becomes smaller, and monitors the distance between the pipette and the sample to obtain the topology.
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