The specific surface area, pore size distribution and pore volume are important parameters for characterizing the surface properties of micro- and nanoporous materials. The 3P micro series offers high performance physical adsorption of microporous materials, such like activated carbon, zeolites, MOFs and similar materials. According to the different needs of sample throughput and analysis conditions, the instruments can be equipped with one, two or three completely independent analysis ports. Each port is equipped with an independent manifold, containing a set of 1000, 10 and 1 (or 0.1) Torr transducers, an independent p0 transducer and a separate dewar or other coolant device. Imagine to carry out a parallel analysis of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide of the same material without any time loss! Or imagine to carry out an experiment of H2 adsorption at three different temperatures at the same time, e.g. to calculate heats of adsorption values on a promising gas storage material. This are just some two examples of the superior instrument design.

Micro 100

Micro 200

Micro 300
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