Jandel Manual Probe Stand

Jandel manufactures a broad range of manual test equipment, the ideal one for each customer depending on the size and shape of samples to be measured and the space and budget available.

We are happy to advise on the most suitable equipment for your application if you contact us with details of the samples you would like to measure along with their typical dimensions.

Jandel Multi height Four Point Probe Stand

Height adjustable to cope with samples from thin layers to ingots.
Lever operated probe with switched current leads to prevent sparking.
Measures samples up to 10" deep.
Width of sample limited only by need to support ends.
Our most popular four point probe stand

Jandel Multiheight/Microposition Probe Stand

All of the features of the Multiheight Probe Stand PLUS:
Removable X-Y Micro-manipulation slides for small samples.
76mm diameter sample capacity (when slides in use).
Sample can be retained by vacuum (when slides in use).

Jandel Hand Applied Probe

Insulating PTFE body.
4-point cylindrical probe head is easily changed.
Shorting switch to prevent sparking.
Easy placement by hand.
Measurement of large samples unable to fit on standard test equipment.

Jandel Multiposition Wafer Probe Stand

200mm and 150mm versions available.
Lever operated probe with switched current leads to prevent sparking.
Repositioning accuracy within 1mm.
Shrouded measuring area to minimize light and electrical interference.

Jandel Universal Probe Stand

Highly repeatable needle contact conditions.
Individually adjustable needle loadings with direct indication of set load.
Micrometer controlled slice displacement.
4-point measurement of wafer resistivity and 3-point spreading resistance measurements.
Hinged steel cover to eliminate effects of light and electrical interference.

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