3P densi 100


The 3P densi 100 is a compact and automated density analyzer for powders and solids as well as for the characterization of foamed materials. By use of these pycnometers, the sample gets filled in the sample cell; sample preparation takes place in continuous or pulsed gas flow or optionally under vacuum. The rinsing, measurement and possible repeat measurement are operated automatically. Repeat measurements optionally are effected either by pre-setting a user specified tolerance (autostop) or a user specified number of runs.

3P Prep J4: Degasser / External Degasser

• External degassing unit for 4 station
• Sample preparation in vacuum
• Max. degasser temperature : RT to 400°C ± 5°C
3P Water bath

• Independent research and development,using semiconductor thermostat technology,
temperature control range 0 °C - 70 °C, accuracy ±1 °C.
• The semiconductor constant temperature water bath is dedicated to JW series static capacity method instrument, and can be used for N2, O2, H2, CO2 and other gases at room temperature
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