Main Features 

- The unique combination of indentation, scratch, profilometer, film thickness testing on one automatic platform.
- Patented piezo and capacitive sensor technology.
- Patented image correlation between scratch data and 3D images.
- Nano, micro indentation, and scratch tests on the same platform using fast exchange heads.

The Surface Mechanical Tester SMT-5000 is a versatile instrument. It merges the ability to measure mechanical properties, such as hardness, modulus, scratch adhesion, film thickness, in addition to surface roughness and many others. All this power is consolidated in one single platform. To that end, the IST module provides both indentation and scratch. Combining piezo actuation and capacitive sensing technologies, the IST brings the highest precision measurements from nano to micro ranges.

Besides the IST module, the SMT 5000 incorporates spectral reflectance film thickness with 3D profilometry and environmental modules. All these capacities cater to demanding engineers and researchers in many fields.

Instrumented Indentation
- Automatic load and displacement curves, Hardness (Traditional and instrumented) , Elastic Modulus, Creep and many more calculations.
- Easily interchangeable modules covering multiple load ranges from mN to 200 N
- Unmatched performance with patented capacitive sensor technology
- Berkovich, Vickers, Spherical, Cube Corner, Knoop, various diamond indenter tips, and more
- Standard Vickers hardness or other traditional micro indentation scales.

Scratch Testing

Characterize coating adhesion, scratch resistance, scratch hardness, and more.

The synchronization of scratch data and 3D imaging ( Patent US 10,024,776 B2) is a unique and novel tool to study surface deformation and failures. 

- Piezo actuator for precise down motion during the scratch test.
- The best friction force sensitivity on the market owing to normal and tangential force sensors located in the head.
- Multiple testing ranges from nano to macro on one platform. Easily interchangeable scratch heads.
- Tests in various environments. (Temperature, humidity, corrosion, and many more).
- Measurement on the flat or curved surface

Automatic Stitching of In-line 3D Images
Scratch Data Visualization. Complete failure analysis and correlation to scratch data.

The complete 3D image of the scratch is obtained via automatic post-test imaging. The critical loads are easily positioned on the 3D panorama. In addition to the critical loads, the typical measurements enabled by this 3D imaging include scratch volume, penetration, residual deformation, roughness, and volume wear.

Correlation of Deformation, Failure, and Surface Morphology Data


Pre & Post Test Image
Automatic surface deformation assessment with the comparison of before and after 3D images of the surface.

Scratch Test
Single or multiple scratches can be performed using predefined recipes.

Continuous Cross Profiler Analysis
Cross profiles measurements are available anywhere along with the scratch.

A simple and customizable report is generated with 3D images correlated to scratch data. Moreover, each critical load is presented with separate zoomed images. Additionally, other measures such as friction, roughness, residual depth, volume wear, and permanent deformation are also provided.

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