Park PTR Series

The Fully Automated AFM for Accurate Inline Metrology of Hard Disk Head Sliders that makes doing great work simpler.

Park Systems' PTR Series is a fully automatic industrial in-line AFM solution for, but not limited to, automatic Pole Tip Recession measurements on Rowbar-level, individual Slider-level, and HGA-level sliders. With sub-nano scale accuracy, repeatability, and throughput, the PTR Series is the metrology tool of choice for Slider manufacturers to improve their overall production yield.

Inline Automation, for Fast, Accurate, and Repeatable PTR Measurements
The hard disk drive slider manufacturing industry demands a tool that provides fast, streamlined Pole Tip Recession Measurements while still maintaining the highest standard of accuracy available. It demands a tool like the Park NX-PTR. The NX-PTR offers extremely accurate PTR measurements to process engineers with inline automation that increases throughput. This makes it the perfect solution for HDD slider manufacturers looking to maximize their quality and production yield.

High Throughput, with No Need for Multiple Reference Scans

Most AFMs require multiple scans to get accurate PTR measurements - First macroscale reference scans then high-resolution scans of smaller areas of interest. This multi-scan process takes time and limits throughput. Our crosstalk eliminated scan system allows for truly flat scans, effectively eliminating the multi-scan process. In addition, True Non-Contact Mode™ preserves tip sharpness for prolonged high resolution imaging and much longer tip life. This lets the Park NX-PTR generate accurate images of highly detailed regions of interest within larger macrostructures, without any need of reference scan to correct various scanner artifacts.
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