Pulsed Laser Deposition

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a versatile deposition technique that has proven its value as a method for growing thin films of, e.g., ceramic materials. Over the past 20 years the technique has been improved  such that currently not only simple deposition but also more fundamental applications  are possible. Among these are initial growth studies, atomic layer-by-layer (MBE-like) growth, and multilayer structures. Usually such fundamental studies put severe constraints on the design and components of  the deposition system.

Since different applications ask for separate specifications, every system will be custom developed. This also allows adaptations of the design to  specific preferences of the customer. With the input and requirements of the customer TSST design a system that is completely tailored to the wishes of the end-user.

Twente Solid State Technology has multiple decades of combined experience in designing and constructing PLD-systems for specialized applications.

Each design is made with a maximum flexibility in mind. This allows easy variation of all possible parameters, such as target-to-substrate distance, gas mixtures, process pressure, and substrate temperature.

During the design phase possible future expansions are also taken into account. This allows the system to grow with advances and demands of future research. For example, high pressure RHEED can easily be integrated for in-situ analysis. Ion milling and sputtering tools / chambers are also commonly added for pre- and post- treatments of samples without the need for ex-situ transfer.

Twente Solid State Technology offers custom solutions to your requirements. The specifications mentioned here are not stringent and can always be adapted to meet your specific needs.
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