Air Jet Erosion Tester

Main Features:

- Conforms to ASTM G76, ASTM G211-14
- Automatic in-line sample and particle velocity measurement
- The open platform allows mounting real samples and test coupons
- Fully automatic – run and test data with the click of a button

Perform repeated impact tests with Rtec Instruments’ Air Jet Erosion Tester, the AJ-1000. To do this, the tester utilizes a jet of gas loaded with abrasive particles. As a result, the AJ-1000 is capable of measuring the precise erosion of samples. With temperature control up to 1200°C, The tester comes with closed-loop temperature. Additionally, the AJ-1000 ranks the erosion of various materials and coatings by subjecting samples to different abrasive particles of a variety of shapes, sizes, temperatures, and impact speeds.

A Look Inside
Each AJ-1000 includes an air pressure controller and a pressure gauge. Standard or user-selected abrasive media are capable of evaluation.
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