Park FX40

A New Class of Atomic Force Microscope: The Automatic AFM
Accelerate your research!

            Effortlessly, get the sharpest, clearest, highest resolution images and measurements one sample after another on various applications. Boost your progress and scientific discoveries through unprecedented speed and accuracy – as the Park FX40 autonomously images and acquires data powered by its artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning capability. The Additional axis cameras automatically align with laser beams and photodetectors. The early warning systems and fail-safes at every step of the way allow you to focus on your research and not the tool.

Auto Probe ExchangeWith automated probe exchange

You can now replace old probes easily and safely in full automation. Harnessing the convenience of an 8-probe cassette, along with a magnetic controlled mechanism, the Park FX40 autonomously mounts the probes.


Auto Probe ReadingThe Probe Identification Camera reads

The QR code imprinted on the chip carrier of a newly loaded probe and extracts and displays all pertinent information on each of the tips available, including the type, model, application, and usage. This enables you to quickly select the best probe tip for each job.

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