Jandel Semi-Automatic Probe Stands

Jandel Engineering Limited manufactures a stand which has an automated Z axis. The probe stand can be operated on a stand-alone basis, or in conjunction with an RM3000 Test Unit. When operated via the test unit sample contact is made when the current buttons are pressed and the stand is powered via a connection to the RM3000 so only one electricity socket is required.

Jandel Semi-Automatic Probe Stand

Automated z-axis verion of the Jandel Multiheight Probe Stand.
The base can accomodate wafers up to 300mm diameter (pictured)
Samples up to 250mm high can be probed - longer probe supports for deeper samples available on request
Simple probe contact and return via push buttons, with current flow instigated on probe contact
Compatible for operation via the Jandel RM3000 Test Unit

Jandel Semi-Automatic Probe Stand with Micro Manipulation Stage

As per unit above, but with easily removable micrometer controlled X-Y stage

Jandel Semi-Automatic Probe Stand with Wafer Table

As per unit above, but with easily removable Multiposition Wafer Table

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