Xede® 3SP® Ortho

EnvisionTEC’s Xede® 3SP® Ortho large format 3D printer allows for the production of orthodontic models, built at fast build speeds without sacrificing surface quality and part accuracy. The Xede® 3SP® Ortho uses EnvisionTEC’s 3SP® (Scan, Spin, and Selectively Photocure) technology to quickly 3D print highly accurate orthodontic models in large batch quantities. Each 3D printer is delivered and installed with all the relevant software to enable perfect model production from a wide range of orthodontic design software. The surface quality of the printed models show no signs of stairstepping on the inner and outer surfaces. The reliability of the light source and the high speed productivity of the Xede® 3SP® Ortho makes it one of the most competitive 3D printers on the market todays.


  • One single material is used for both build and easily removable, partially cured perforated supports
  • Very few moving parts make system user-serviceable
  • Low part cost due to minimal material waste
  • Produce everything from concept models to functional parts
  • Connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into network for pre-processing of job files and remote monitoring
  • The stand-alone PC allows for working independently from pre-processing workstation


Machine Specifications*

  • Build Envelope: 18″ x 18″ x 4″ (457 x 457 x 102 mm)
  • Resolution in X and Y: 0.004″ (100µm)
  • Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z**: 0.002″ – 0.004″ (50 – 100 µm)


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